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Dot is the prettiest chicken. (Source.)

She is. <3



Pigeons finally got names! From left to right: Parka, Penby, and Petra!

EDIT: Changed the curly one’s name from Pastel to Parka—I had almost forgotten that I had a chicken named Pastel a while back (because I didn’t have her for long).

Parka and Penby look just like our Viktor and Olly Owl.


Ring-billed Gull by Glenn Parker



Pink has left the nest. I spotted him wandering about the flight this afternoon with Whitey keeping a close eye on him.

He’s a little shaky on his wings and I’m not certain he’ll be able to fly back up to the nest tonight, but other than that he seems to be doing well on his own.


Flycatcher - Scissor-tailed by -Cathie Westcot- #flickstackr


African Pygmy Falcons, Polihieraz semitorquatus, are the smallest raptors in Africa. Despite their size of around just 20cm (smaller than a common starling), they are still adept hunters capable of taking small mammals and reptiles as well as insects.

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Olly, Pink and Floyd.

Pink has been curiously looking out of the nest box for the past few days, I think he might be contemplating exploring the loft. The babies are almost bigger than their mother now!